For an accurate and objective test, it is composed of questions that can be intuitively solved based on visual data without knowing language or math formulas, minimizing the difference in scores that may vary depending on cultural, social background, and educational level.

• The test consists of a total of 40 questions, and more difficult questions are presented as you progress. The test ends automatically after the given time.

• Of the 8 examples given, you should choose one missing pattern from the 3×3 matrix structure.

• This test is designed to have an average IQ score of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 used to calculate the score.

• In order to accurately assess your ability to adapt to new situations, you cannot go forward or backward during the test, and once submitted answers cannot be modified, so please choose carefully.

• For accurate results aggregation, it is recommended to run the test in a quiet environment where you can concentrate.

• We provide free tests for students. The score calculation method is different from the test for adult, and there is a time limit.


   As in the example above, clicking on the missing pattern will automatically proceed to the next problem. You can only choose one correct answer.


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