Who we are

We are International Intelligence Quotient Association. IIQA was launched to provide fair IQ tests and accurate assessments to people all around the world.

What we do

IIQA develops and provides people with specialized tests that can assess people's intelligence (IQ). We are constantly collecting information, advancing tests through development activities, and adjusting the scoring method. People all over the world can freely access our tests, and they can take fair tests regardless of cultural or socioeconomic circumstances.

Anyone deserves our tests and can register an IQ score with our organization.

Our goal

Our first IQ test was created by gathering information from multiple participants from different countries, professions, ages and intelligences. And now, the data of people around the world participating in our test is leading to further develop the test and have more accurate indicators.

IIQA's goal is to create and provide fair tests that can be objectively applied even to differences in the cultural and socioeconomic circumstances of people around the world and provide them to people all around the world. To achieve our goals, we are receiving a set of information with acceptance from online and offline test participants.